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Who are Sutro Digital?

Sutro is a digital creative agency that specialises in content, marketing, social media and design for brands who want to target a young, tech savvy audience. We have especially been successful in working with female focused brands.

We are also in the business of providing advertising operations and services for publishers and fellow bloggers who want to better monetise their sites and online properties.

We also believe that the future of content will be driven by mobile and tablets and all our work reflects this.

What makes us unique?

We boast a team which has years of experience in content creation, customer and mainstream publishing, social media consultancy and PR. We have been working with brands in this way for over ten years.

We also know how to build large and successful consumer websites. In particular our site ShinyShiny is one of the most read tech sites in the world that focuses on technology that targets young women.

So what do we do?

  • Create content – The Sutro team has provided high quality words, videos and images for many Superbrands including Ford, IBM, Vodafone, LG, and Argos
  • Build websites and blogs for brands – We build mobile friendly, responsive design sites and pack them with intelligent, engaging  and entertaining content that is rooted in the brand’s values
  • Shoot Video content – We have a huge following on YouTube – we have had over 30 million views – and we specialise in creating short, dynamic branded video content for platforms like Instagram and Vine
  • Publish digital magazines and brochures for brands – Our team can design and build digital magazines and brochures, as well as carefully craft the content that makes them stand out
  • Create and manage branded social media platforms and communities – We know our Twitter from our Snapchat and offer strategy and direction for brands who need to enhance their social media output
  • Offer services for publishers and bloggers – We help online content creators monetise their work